Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughts on the game

Interesting game last night. We were sitting on 8th in the ladder playing the team ranked 2nd, in the wind and with only 2 girls on the field giving us only 6 and I wasn't playing again. 7 points later and the score was 7 - 0, us. It was really good to watch. It seemed like almost every turn was converted into a point. Ended up taking half 8-1.

In the second half the wind picked up a bit and we were struggling to move the disc up wind. The wind was a bit crossfield as well and we kept getting trapped on the line with dangerous outside in throws which our handlers were struggling with. I suggested we only attack from the other side of the field and that our handler priority be to swing to that side before looking up the line and that worked quite well.

The other thing we did was the huck and set. There are a lot of turnovers in this league, so it's a valid strategy especially in the wind. We would send a couple deep just in case and put it. There were a couple of times where this didn't work very well. The first time there was a contest on the receiving end of the huck, right on the endzone line which resulted in a contested foul call and the disc went back to the thrower. The second attempt at the huck made far less ground because the defense was more aware. Made me think that had the foul not been called, we could have got down and set up the defense, got the turn and scored. Moral of the story, calling a foul isn't always a good plan, even if you were fouled.

Second problem with the huck and set is an aware defence. A couple of times there was an interception of the huck and the opposition then advanced the disc up the field before the defence could set. Would have been a better option to throw the disc out of the field so that the defence can could up.

Not sure what the final score was, but it was a good game to watch. Hopefully I'll be back out there next week.

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