Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, that didn't work. My goal of having no turnovers was dashed as I grounded my first pass.

All in all, a horrible game. We were well and truly beaten, and I was unable to contribute anything positive to the stats, which are looking more and more skewed towards receivers.

There were some positives to be taken from the game however. Firstly, I didn't really have any brain explosions and all of my turnovers came from basic skill errors instead of poor decisions. That's good because basic skill errors are easier to improve than decision making I find.

My defense was once again my strong point. Although the other team was scoring at will, my man really wasn't getting the disc. I got scored on twice. Once because I stopped 3 or 4 cuts by my man in short and he eventually gave up and went long where his significant height advantage meant he was always going to catch a hammer. The second time I held off a bit on my mark to set myself up for a D and then didn't even attempt the layout. Probably a good thing given the context of the game and the hardness of the ground. I don't really need another injury.

The ankle was much better. Shin pain was replaced with ankle pain again which I count as a positive. I should see physios and do my rehab more often.

The team played really poorly last night. Pressure on the mark was very good and we were lacking in handlers, meaning I had to handle which I'm really growing to dislike. I started as a defensive receiver and I really think that's the best position for me.

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