Monday, February 16, 2009


So here in Adelaide we've been playing Super League. Super League is kind of a hat league but not quite so random, with four captains picking their teams from the list of available players according to their own strategies. It's been good, and one of the good things about it has been some stats keeping during the games. We're recording Goals, Assists and D's, but we're also recording Throwaways and Drops. 

I've not been doing well. Part of this is my ongoing ankle injury. My ankle is seized because of scar tissue and limited rehab which is causing pretty bad shin splints, and stopping me from running as much as I would like. This probably results in reduced stats overall, but I can deal with that.

My contribution in terms of goals, assists and d's is alright. 13th out of 44 players. My contribution in terms of errors is terrible, 4th most errors per point played. That puts me below average in overall terms, 25th.

I've noticed that I play quite well at the start of the game, conservative but safe, and still managing to throw and catch some goals. Towards the middle of the game I lose my mind and have a lot of throwaways. At the end, I seem to reel it back in and finish things off pretty well.

Tonight, I'll attempt to have a no turnover game, consistent throughout and I'll see how that works for me.

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